SciNet Virtual Summer Training Program

June 12, 2020 in blog, for_researchers, for_users

In lieu of its annual in person Ontario Summer School, this year, SciNet, in collaboration with CAMH, will be offering weekly virtual summer training on High Performance Computing from June through to August. The program consists of the following 11 courses, each with 3 online vents of 90 minutes on successive days within one week: a lecture, a hands-on session, and a wrap-up session.

The first of these courses, the “Introduction to Supercomputing” has just finished, with over 70 participants. Still to come in the next weeks are

  • Intro to Linux Shell
  • Parallel Programming on Multicore Computers with OpenMP
  • Parallel Programming at Scale on Supercomputers with MPI
  • Neuroimaging Analysis at Scale
  • Python for MRI Analysis
  • Python and High Performance Computing
  • Brain Network Modeling
  • R and High Performance Computing
  • Whole-Genome Association Analysis with PLINK
  • Debugging and Performance

See the program site on the SciNet education website for further details.