Our Systems

SciNet is Canada’s largest supercomputing centre, and we run and make available a range of computing resources for Canadian researchers and innovators.   Below are a description of the systems, and links to find out more.

More technical information and the system status can be found on the SciNet wiki.


The General Purpose Cluster (GPC) is our extremely large “workhorse” cluster (ranked 16th in the world at its inception, then and now the fastest in Canada) and is where most computations are done at SciNet – it has already performed more than 10,000,000 computations for Canadian researchers.  It is an IBM iDataPlex cluster based on


The Tightly Coupled System (TCS) is a specialized cluster of `fat’ (high-memory, many-core) IBM Power 575 nodes, with 4.7GHz Power 6 processors on a very fast Infiniband connection.  The nodes have 32 cores (with hardware support for running 64 threads, using Simulatanous MultiThreading (SMT) with 128GB of RAM, and run AIX; two nodes have 256GB


SciNet’s Power 7 (P7) cluster consists of 5 IBM Power 755 Servers each with 4x 8core 3.3GHz Power7 CPUs and 128GB Ram. Similar to the Power 6, but running Linux, the Power 7 utilizes Simultaneous Multi Threading (SMT), but extends the design from 2 threads per core to 4. This allows the 32 physical cores


The BGQ is a Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP) BlueGene/Q supercomputer located at the University of Toronto’s SciNet HPC facility. The SOSCIP multi-university/industry consortium is funded by the Ontario Government and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario [1]. A half-rack of BlueGene/Q (8,192 cores) was furthermore purchased by the Li Ka