SciNet Acceptable Usage Policy

The SciNet Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee has set the following conditions of use for SciNet facilities.  Accessing SciNet systems implies that you accept these conditions.

  1. I am responsible for all activities associated with my account.
  2. I will not share my account with another person.
  3. I will use my account and allocation(s) exclusively for the purposes and program(s)/project(s) for which they have been approved. SciNet resources are not to be used for instructional or administrative purposes.
  4. I will be fair and considerate of others in my use of the resources.
  5. If requested, I will show evidence of the parallel and/or serial efficiency of my codes. I understand that SciNet staff may reduce my scheduling priority if I am not using resources efficiently.
  6. When requested, I will provide data for reporting to the SciNet funding agencies in a timely manner.
  7. I understand that use of the SciNet systems may be monitored and recorded.
  8. I will not use my account for illegal or unsanctioned activities including, but not limited to, software piracy, spam, profit-making, and harassment.

SciNet reserves the right to take whatever actions are necessary to identify and resolve suspected abuse. For cases not covered by this Usage Policy the computing policies in effect at your home institution will apply. Failure to abide by these conditions may result in loss of access to SciNet facilities. If you have a question about these conditions, please contact us at