User Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials that we received from SciNet Users.  

If you would like to share your appreciation and SciNet-powered success stories, or even just references to the resulting publications, please let us know by email to  If you can share an image related to your research, even better. We value any feedback.

Study on the role of mediator complex in gene expression in collaboration with SciNet

For the last two years, SciNet has been collaborating with PhD candidate Alejandro Saettone from the Fillingham lab from Ryerson University. One of the research projects, which also involved the group of Dr. Ronald Pearlman at York University, deciphered some aspects of the mediator complex’s role in transcription and gene expression using the model organism […]
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Tetrahymena Thermophila

Gravitation waves detected, again!

We congratulate the LIGO and Virgo collaborations to the second-ever observation of gravitational waves from colliding black holes. SciNet is proud to have contributed to the computation of the waveform templates that were used in this latest discovery of LIGO. LIGO measured about 55 gravitational wave cycles for this new binary black hole system. This […]
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Ernest Ho: Thanks for the excellent work

Dear SciNet administrators, If you are still into keeping track of SciNet supported publications, here is one of mine that just got published. Thanks for the excellent work of all the SciNet staff members! Your team is really one of the most important reasons why this paper is even possible! Thanks, Ernest
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Joachim Harnois-Deraps: Staff remarkable, generous and dedicated

Dear SciNet staff, I am writing this letter to thank you all for your dedicated effort in providing SciNet users with such an excellent support service. I have been using you High Performance Computing systems since the very first year of production, and was always impressed by the amount of help I received from your programming staff. Being at the […]
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Gaetan Kenway: You guys really got it right

Hi Scott I just wanted to personally thank you for all your help over the past couple of years with all things Scinet. I just convocated and I am now working with Dr. Martins as a post-doc at the University of Michigan. After using a couple of over HPC systems down here I can honestly say you guys really got […]
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Nicholas Roberts: Scientific Computing Course 2013

Hi both [Jonathan and Ramses], I would like to thank you both for a very informative course, one from which I have learnt a lot and which is already been useful in my work. I only wish I had had more time to devote to it. Thanks again, Nic
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Victor Chernov: A goodbye and thank you message

Hello guys For the last two years I’ve been a post-doctoral fellow with Thomson’s group and a SciNet user. Now, when my fellowship has came to an end (don’t close my account just yet – I need to finish some things), I wanted to say goodbye. I also wanted to say that I’ve seen a lot of computer system admins […]
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Steven Schramm: Very educational

Hi Ramses and Jonathan, Thank you very much for setting up the [Scientific Computing] course! It was very educational, and will almost certainly be very practical in my future research. Hopefully many others will benefit from it in future years! Best Regards, Steven
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Cai Durbin: Thanks for all the help

Hey guys, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for all the help you’ve given me over the last few weeks. I managed to get all the data I needed for the presentation and I think it went ok.I couldn’t have done it without your quick replies and understanding, not […]
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Régis Pomès: Appreciation for your efforts

Dear SciNet staff: On behalf of my entire lab, I would like to express my appreciation for your efforts to keep the SciNet cluster operational. As you know, we rely very heavily on SciNet for our research. We appreciate that sporadic service outages are unavoidable and should be expected. We are consistently impressed by the speed at which the SciNet GPC […]
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