SciNet Virtual Summer Training Program 2021

June 2, 2021 in for_educators, for_researchers, for_users, frontpage, news

For the second summer in a row, in lieu of its annual Ontario Summer School, SciNet will be offering weekly virtual summer training on Advanced Research Computing from June through to early September. Topics will include parallel programming, Linux shell, cybersecurity, large scale batch processing, and performance Python and R.

The program will start on June 14th, 2021 and currently consists of the following 8 courses (more may be added later), each with 3 online vents of 90 minutes on successive days within one week.

  • Enable your Research with Cybersecurity!
  • Advanced Linux Command Line
  • Introduction to Supercomputing
  • Parallel Programming at Scale on Supercomputers with MPI
  • Python and High Performance Computing
  • Parallel Programming on Multicore Computers with OpenMP
  • R and High Performance Computing
  • Debugging and Performance

See the program site on the SciNet education website for further details.