SciNet News November 2010

November 4, 2010 in for_users, newsletter

Coming up:

(Unless otherwise stated, all events take place at the SciNet Headquarters at 256 McCaul St., Rm 235)

  • Nov 8, 3pm: NRAC Call for Proposals DEADLINE More info at
    Note: This is the only call for allocations this year!
  • Nov 10, 12 noon: SNUG (SciNet Users Group) meeting
    • 1/2 hour TechTalk “Debuggers & parallel debugging at SciNet”
    • User discussion
    • Pizza!
      Free registration at
  • Nov 2, 16 and 30, 2:30-3:30 pm: Coast-to-Coast seminars. The fall 2010 theme is “The Marine Environment and Climate Change: Problems and Possible Solutions” More info at
  • Dec 8, 12 noon: SNUG meeting with “Performance & profiling” TechTalk
  • SciNet classes for next term are being planned. Among these will be: May 2011 5-day Parallel Programming course. OpenMP, MPI and more will be covered. The aim is for you to leave the course able to start parallelizing your code. Other possible courses are:
    • Scientific Programming in C++
    • Scientific Programming in Fortran
    • Parallel I/O, or “How do I use a single file in parallel applications?”
    • Visualization Most of these will be in the form of 1 day courses. Let us know if you have a good idea for other courses for the SciNet community! The final list of courses with dates will be announced in December. Registration will be through There will likely be a fee for the 5-day course to cover course material costs. All other courses and SNUG meetings are free.

Added to the wiki in October:

  • Description of enhanced features of ‘diskUsage’, including plots.
  • TechTalk ‘Version Control’ slides.
  • Intro to Parallel I/O Course slides.
  • Slides, source code from 1 day course “Intro to Practical Parallel Programming”.
  • Updated module information for new and older software (see below).

System changes:

  • Starting Nov 3, some application modules will be renamed for consistency. See
  • CPMD 3.13.2 installed on the GPC.

What else happened at SciNet in October?

  • A SNUG meeting with TechTalk on “Version Control” was held on Oct 8.
  • A one-day course on “Parallel I/O” was given on Oct 13.
  • SciNet hosted Compute Canada’s TECC Meeting of technical staff of the HPC consortia across Canada.