SciNet News August 2010

August 4, 2010 in for_users, newsletter

Added to the wiki ( in July:

(All new wiki content below is listed and linked on the main page:

  • A side-menu, and a rearranged wiki, for easier wiki navigation.
  • pdfs of the presentations given at the first SciNet GPU workshop.
  • An Intel whitepaper on floating point consistency in the Manual section.
  • Tips for running the climate modelling code CCSM4 on the TCS.
  • How to apply file access control to specific members of your group.
  • A single page dealing with all questions related to data management and file transfer.
  • More tips on using GAMESS(US) on the GPC.
  • Explanation of what ‘PolicyViolation’ means and why your job won’t start with one.
  • Updated module information for newly installed software (see below).

System changes:

  • GPC: The intel module no longer automatically load the gcc module. Users which use both should have “module load gcc intel” in their .bashrc.
  • GPC: As per August 4, the default intelmpi version will be upgraded from version 3 to version 4.
  • GPC: The default intel compiler v11.1 was changed to Update 6 (module intel/
  • TCS: OpenDX, a visualisation software package, was installed as a module.
  • GPC: MEEP, a finite difference simulation software for electromagnetic systems with mpi support, was installed.
  • GPC & TCS: A number of old modules has been deprecated (see wiki for how to access deprecated modules if you really need to).
  • Recurring file system issues were mitigated as much as possible.

What else happened at SciNet in July?

  • SciNet held a successful one-day workshop on GPU computing on July 14, which included user presentations and a presentation by NVIDIA. Pdfs of the presentations can be found on the wiki.
  • A pilot project on Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) involving select users was started.

Coming up:

  • Online course in August: It is free, but you need to register with them. Inform us if you’re interested in viewing the course at the SciNet headquarters and getting some feedback from our analysts.