Ontario High Performance Computing Summerschool (Central) open for registration

April 22, 2013 in for_researchers, for_users

The Ontario Summerschool on High Performance Computing provides attendees with opportunities to learn and share knowledge and experience in high performance and technical computing. The Ontario Summerschool on High Performance Computing will have three installments. The first will be in Toronto, hosted by SciNet. Two more installments in London and Ottawa, will follow later in the summer.

The format will be a four-day workshop with mixed lectures and hands-on sessions on a number of selected subjects, including shared memory programming, distributed memory programming and general purpose graphics processing unit programming. The graphics cards and distributed memory sessions will be given in parallel.


  • Linux command line: a primer
  • Introduction to High Performance Computing
  • Shared memory programming with OpenMP
  • Distributed memory programming with MPI
  • General Purpose GPU Programming with CUDA
  • HPC Debugging
  • HPC best practices
  • Visualization


This event will be held in Sidney Smith Hall, University of
Toronto, 100 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1.


Participants that complete at least three days worth of instruction will be given an Ontario Summerschool Certificate. Note that this certificate is separate from the SciNet certificates.


For more information and (free) registration, please go to


The SciNet Team