Decommisioned: Tightly Coupled System (TCS)

The Tightly Coupled System (TCS) was a specialized cluster of `fat’ (high-memory, many-core) IBM Power 575 nodes, with 4.7GHz Power 6 processors on a very fast Infiniband connection.  The nodes had 32 cores (with hardware support for running 64 threads, using Simulatanous MultiThreading (SMT) with 128GB of RAM, and run AIX; two nodes had 256GB of RAM each.   It had a relatively small number of cores (~3000) and so was dedicated for jobs that require such a large memory / low latency configuration.  Jobs needed to use multiples of 32 cores (a node), and were to be submitted to a queuing system that allows jobs with a maximum wall time of 48 hours per job.

The TCS was decommissioned on Sept. 29, 2017.