Dr. Ramses van Zon

Ramses van Zon
HPC Applications Analyst, SciNet HPC 
Lecturer, Department of Physics (PHY1610 Scientific Computing)

Training and Education / User Support / Application support / Technical Documentation / User Facing Tools

Ramses van Zon obtained his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at Utrecht University. He has worked on non-equilibrium statistical physics at the Rockefeller University in New York, and glassy systems and molecular dynamics simulations at the Chemical Physics Theory Group of the University of Toronto. He has extensive experience with scientific computing, distributed and shared memory computing, advanced algorithms for molecular dynamics, bioinformatics computations and workflows.

At SciNet, he coordinates and takes part in delivering SciNet’s training and education efforts such as workshops, courses, user group meetings, summer schools, and graduate courses on scientific computing. He also provides advice and support to users on topics such as code optimization, application porting, workflow, improving efficiency, and parallel programming.

On a national level, he is a member of Research National Support Team of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, and he coordinates Canada’s role in the annual SciNet-sponsored International Summer School on HPC Challenges.

For a list of publications, see here.