About Jaime Pinto

Jaime Pinto, HPC Storage, SciNet

I’m an IT professional who brings 18 years of experience from the private sector, in the Media & Entertainment and Healthcare industries. When younger I spent 9 years in the Brazilian Air Force, and I still fly as a recreational pilot in my spare time. On that note, I’m a member of the  SOSA Gliding Club, one of the oldest and largest clubs in Canada.

I have an Aeronautical Engineering background and I’m also a UofT alumnus, with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and Commerce. I have been a proud staff member since 2009. My job as a Storage Analyst/Scientific Programmer Analyst at SciNet and SOSCIP – Canada’s largest supercomputer center based at UofT –  entails support to research and innovation in a multitude of disciplines, with focus and dedication to academic excellence and outstanding student experience. I’m also a recent graduate of the ODLC – Mentoring Leadership Partnership program, which gives me solid insight into the governance and decision making process at the University, and perspective from both the research and student experience sides.

I conduct research on financial models and trading as a matter of personal academic interest for several years, with comprehensive practical knowledge of low frequency algorithmic trading, and particular interest on wealth management strategies, hedging techniques and options strategies on all securities. I developed a course to train coworkers on how to supplement their retirement plan, and would love to participate in the decision process for the pension plan of our University.

My most valuable asset is an open mind, free of prejudice or preconceived ideas, capable of analyzing and processing many complex issues with an objective and impartial view, even when they are novelty to me. I can listen to arguments and challenge ideas with diplomacy, still remaining respectful and considered with the persons bringing them forward. These personality traits enable me to do a very good job, genuinely looking after the best interests of this institution.

I am a strong believer in the value of the University to society and I’m committed to our ability to make a positive impact on our students, our staff and on people around the world.