SciNet to Help Drive Ontario Innovation with Largest Computer

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Compute Canada consortium in Partnership with Universities, IBM to aid Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

SciNet announced today that, as part of the new Southern Ontario Smart Computing and Innovation Partnership (SOSCIP) with IBM, the Federal Government, the Government of Ontario, the University of Toronto and six other Ontario Universities, it will be running what is expected to be Canada’s largest computer, an IBM Blue Gene/Q which will be able to execute almost a half quadrillion mathematical operations per second.

Such high-end computing power used to be used exclusively for flagship government or industrial projects as designing racing cars, airplane engines, or nuclear reactors. The increasingly widespread availability of computing resources means that high performance computing (HPC) is now also used for designing plastic coffee containers, bicycle wheels, and golf clubs. And indeed, a major thrust of the SOSCIP project will be to work with Ontario small and medium-sized enterprises to speed product research and development, to speed innovation in the Ontario economy.

SciNet is one of seven Compute Canada high performance computing consortia across Canada, and is already a local hub for technical and high-performance computing expertise; but this new project increases the amount of resources available to work with Ontario’s flourishing innovative technology sector. “This provides an excellent model for how the Compute Canada consortia can be leveraged to support innovation and excellence across Canada,” said Jill Kowalchuck, Executive director of Compute Canada.

The new system is expected to be up and running in the Fall, with necessary upgrades to the SciNet data centre already starting. “We’re very excited about our role in this new project,” said Dr. Chris Loken, CTO of SciNet. “This incredible new resource, plus our existing experience in working with a wide range of clients solving their research and development computing problems, is going to enable us to help many more Ontario innovators use computing to solve their R&D problems.”

About SciNet

SciNet is Canada’s largest supercomputer centre, providing Canadian researchers with the computational resources and expertise necessary to perform their research on scales not previously possible in Canada, from the biomedical sciences and aerospace engineering to astrophysics and climate science. SciNet is funded in part by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Province of Ontario, and the University of Toronto. More information is available at , or contact us.

About Compute Canada

Compute Canada is a national platform of advanced computing resources across the country, bringing together computer and data resources, academic researchers, and computational expertise to tackle some of the Canada’s biggest research questions. Compute Canada has built a user community across Canada in disciplines ranging from the sciences and engineering to arts and humanities. For more information about Compute Canada or this year’s allocations, see .

For More Information

More information will be posted shortly; for now, releases are available from

Training For Industry

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SciNet’s HPC experts offer a variety of training courses on high-performance technical research computing to the SciNet user community and to external partners.   Recent course offerings have included:

  • GPU Computing
  • Introduction to HPC
  • Introduction to Parallel Computing
  • Scientific Programming
  • Parallel I/O

Currently scheduled classes can be seen on our events page.

Participants in our SciNet Industry Partnership Program program can access our existing, scheduled courses at very reasonable rates; can work with us to schedule existing classes at other times, at SciNet or on-site; or can arrange for custom training courses.  For more information, contact us at