SciNet’s Top 5 of 2012

December 17, 2012 in blog, blog-general



It’s been a great, busy, year here at SciNet in 2012;  here’s our take on a SciNet Year in Review as a countdown to what’s already shaping up to be an exciting 2013…

5!  SciNet Training

Training and education have always been important to SciNet; it’s one thing to provide computer resources, but we enable research at scale by teaching researchers how to make use of the computers for their work.   In 2012:

  • We held 100 hours of courses, seminars, and Tech Talks,
  • Representing 1,138 student hours of teaching; and
  • Started a new SciNet Certificate program so that attendees could get recognition for all the effort they were putting in.

..4! SciNet Websites

We launched our new and clearer website this year, which will be the one-stop-shop for news, events and features about the science being enabled here at SciNet; but don’t worry, our technical wiki,, will still be there for all your documentation and training material needs.  Some website highlights:

  • Our new Careers page keeps track of Ontario jobs for researchers with HPC experience;
  • Our technical wiki served it’s 750,000th page view this year, and that doesn’t even count the downloads of PDFs of training materials or views of video-recorded educational sessions.

…3! Big Storage for SciNet Users

This was the year we made available our large HPSS system for long-term storage available to our users.  This sophisticated large-scale storage system allows our users reliable near-line storage for very-large data sets.  On tape we already have

  • Over 63 million files, and
  • Over 1.4 petabytes of usage

….2! SOSCIP and the Blue Gene/Q

As part of the SOSCIP project for accelerating research and innovation across Southern Ontario, SciNet took delivery of and is running and supporting the SOSCIP Blue Gene/Q systems.   These new systems are:

…..1! Future SciNet-ers; Outreach to High Schools

And the top highlight of the year has to go to working with the great high school students at SATEC in Toronto, who built a supercomputer of their own, learned to program it with MPI and OpenMP, and demo’ed it to their local MPP.    These students will be the supercomputing experts and data scientists of the future, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

So thanks for all your emails, tweets, and support through the year, have a wonderful holiday, and…

Happy New Year!