SciNet at a Glance

April 7, 2012 in about, for_press


  • Is Canada’s largest open supercomputing centre
  • Operates two (and soon three) of Canada’s largest computers
  • Headquarters downtown on University of Toronto’s St. George campus; data centre in Vaughan
  • Runs one of Canada’s greenest data centres, taking full advantage of its size and Canada’s cold winters to cut power needed for cooling
  • Once BG/Q is installed, will have almost one petaflop (1 quadrillion mathematical operations per second) of installed compute power, 2 petabytes (28 years worth of HDTV content) of disk storage, and double that of archival tape storage
  • Has over one thousand clients using our systems and expertise to power research and development in aerospace, astrophysics, biomedicine, forestry, natural water systems, climate science, and any other problem area you could imagine.
  • Runs the entire centre with only thirteen staff, including eleven technical staff with 9 PhDs
  • Is consortium of the University of Toronto and associated research hospitals
  • Is part of Compute Canada, a national platform of seven such regional consortia
  • Is Funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Province of Ontario, NSERC, and the University of Toronto faculties of Arts and Science, Engineering, and Medicine, and the University of Toronto Scarborough

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