Ontario Vouchers and SciNet

July 10, 2013 in for_industry

The Ontario Collaboration Vouchers program is a great new opportunity for Ontario companies to work with academic partners — like SciNet — to solve their R&D problems.

Matching funds up to $20,000 – and possibly more with eligibility for other programs – are available to help you work on short (6-12 month), focused projects with academic partners like SciNet. This opportunity – part of the Ontario Government’s new Ontario Collaboration Vouchers for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) program – may be the best opportunity yet to take advantage of SciNet’s R&D computing expertise for speeding up and scaling up your research computing.
A small ($5,000 or less) cash investment will leverage four times as much investment when paired with in-kind matching such as the time you spend working with us. That means you can get access to our large computing facilities (use up to a quarter of a million processor- hours) ; use our large storage (up to 25TB of storage) ; take advantage of our training options (up to 250 student-hours); and work with our consultants one-on-one to tackle your biggest R&D computing challenges (up to 250 consultant-hours). And we’ll start a pilot project with you immediately while the six-to-eight week application process is underway.

Want to know more? Read our brochure about the vouchers program, and contact us to start solving your R&D computing problems.