HPC Postdoc, BG/Q, IBM (Toronto)

October 9, 2014 in HPC Jobs, HPC Jobs Ontario

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Job Responsibilities:
•        Assist research teams in making effective use of massively parallel platforms including one of the largest supercomputers in Canada and a new research platform for exascale computing
•        Develop, port, optimize and analyze scientific numerical codes using >1,024 cores on the BlueGene Q using Fortran, Python, C, C++ etc
•        Parallel-programming assistance on smaller-scale x86 and Power clusters, possibly including FPGA’s
•        Install, upgrade and lead day-to-day operations for scientific infrastructure including mathematical software packages, libraries, compilers, visualization software, schedulers etc
•        promote, advise and teach mini-courses on scientific computing and parallel programming

•        Minimum 3 years experience using and developing large-scale parallel scientific applications making use of both MPI and OpenMP for parallellization
•        Experience and understanding scientific numerical codes, compilers, code optimization, Linux kernel & OS
•        Knowledge of Fortran, C and C++ under  Linux/Unix
•        Proven communication skills, both written and verbal