HPC Analyst – Research Scientist, IBM/SOSCIP (Toronto)

• PhD in quantitative science, statistics or engineering (e.g. Mech or Electrical engineering, Computer Science, Astrophysics, Computational biology)
• Experience using and developing large-scale cloud-based data analytics tools such as R, SPSS, and Cognos
• experience and understanding scientific numerical codes, compilers, code optimization, Linux kernel & OS
• Proven knowledge of R, Fortran, C and or C++ under Linux/Unix
• Demonstrated communication skills, both written and verbal

• Experience in multi-disciplinary projects where team has a diverse set of domain expertise
• Experience working directly with clients and/or industry partners

Job Responsibilities:
• Assist research teams in making effective use of IBM Big Data software
• Install, upgrade and lead day-to-day operations for scientific infrastructure including mathematical software packages, libraries, visualization software

Work Locations
• Toronto, London, Oshawa, or Kingston

For more information, or to apply, see this web page.