For Industry

SciNet’s HPC Innovation Services match SciNet expertise in high performance technical computing and significant computational resources with small- to medium sized innovative enterprise. The partnership program can include training, consulting, and computational resources.   Some of the services and success stories are posted here; to find out more, contact us at .

Sheridan Cyber Security Symposium 3.0

The Sheridan Cyber Security Symposium 3.0, will be held on Monday, May 15, 2017 at the Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College in Mississauga. This conference is hosted by the Sheridon College Faculty of Applied Science and Technology in collaboration with Sheridan Applied Research and Innovation, and will explore cyber security within public health &

Ontario Vouchers and SciNet

The Ontario Collaboration Vouchers program is a great new opportunity for Ontario companies to work with academic partners — like SciNet — to solve their R&D problems. Matching funds up to $20,000 – and possibly more with eligibility for other programs – are available to help you work on short (6-12 month), focused projects with

SciNet to Help Drive Ontario Innovation with Largest Computer

Compute Canada consortium in Partnership with Universities, IBM to aid Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises SciNet announced today that, as part of the new Southern Ontario Smart Computing and Innovation Partnership (SOSCIP) with IBM, the Federal Government, the Government of Ontario, the University of Toronto and six other Ontario Universities, it will be running what is

Success Story: Intel and Intel® MPI Library

When clients have extremely large-scale computations to do, SciNet recommends that they use Intel® MPI Library, a highly tuned, massively scalable communications library that performs well where competitors have trouble even starting.   And when Intel was looking to further improve the performance of their flagship MPI library, they knew they could turn to SciNet

Training For Industry

SciNet’s HPC experts offer a variety of training courses on high-performance technical research computing to the SciNet user community and to external partners.   Recent course offerings have included: GPU Computing Introduction to HPC Introduction to Parallel Computing Scientific Programming Parallel I/O Currently scheduled classes can be seen on our events page. Participants in our SciNet