For Academics

SciNet provides researchers at Canadian institutions computational resources and expertise to pursue their research on scales not previously possible in Canada.   Academic researchers can make use of the computational resources, the expertise, or both.

To use SciNet’s computational resources, any qualified researcher at a Canadian university is eligible for an account on the SciNet systems.    Instructions for applying for an account can be found below on this website.   Resources include an x86 cluster running linux (one of the largest computers in Canada), a Power 6 system running AIX, a GPU cluster, and a Power 7 system running Linux.

All interested academic users may attend the SciNet Education and Training courses free of charge; generally a (free) SciNet account is required.

Non-SciNet users in the Toronto academic research community can also make use of SciNet resources by attending a SciNet Research Computing Consulting Clinic to make use of the expertise of the SciNet centre for their own research problems.